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“You are not a stupid person, yet you sometimes do stupid things. Why then are you not a perfect person…who sometimes does imperfect things? A moldy leaf with all of its imperfections is still a perfect leaf because it is doing what a leaf is supposed to do. So too, then, perhaps you are a perfect human because you are simply doing what humans do.”

Martha Borst


The Useless Eyebrows
(told by Ven. Master Hsing-Yun)

“Once, a person’s eyes, nose, and mouth had a meeting. First the eyes said, ‘We, the eyes, are of utmost importance to the body. Everything must be seen by us to know whether it is beautiful or not, big or small, tall or short. Without eyes, walking around will be very difficult. So we, the eyes, are very important. But we have been improperly placed under the eyebrows, which are of no use. It is just not fair!’

Next, the nose said, ‘I, the nose, am the most important. Only I can distinguish a good smell from a foul odor. The act of breathing is also dependent on me. If I do not let the breath pass through, everybody will die. So I am the most important. As important as I am, I have been unfairly placed beneath the useless eyebrows. I am most unhappy.’

Then the mouth said, ‘I am the most important part of the human body. I can speak; if not for me, there would not be any communication among people. I take in the food; if not for me, everybody would die of hunger. Such an important part as myself has been placed in the lowest part of the face. The useless eyebrows, however, have been put on the highest part of the face. This I cannot accept!’

After the others had spoken, the eyebrows spoke slowly, ‘Please do not fight anymore. We, the eyebrows, are surely the most useless things; we admit defeat. We are willing to be placed below you.’ Having said this, the eyebrows settled down below the eyes. Unfortunately, the person no longer looked like a human being. Next, they eyebrows settled down below the nose. It was still horrible; it still did not look like a human being. Then the eyebrows settled down below the mouth. This looked even more ghastly! The eyes, nose, and mouth huddled to discuss the situation again. They concluded that it was best if the eyebrows returned to their original place on the face; it was the most appropriate spot for them. When the eyebrows returned to their original spot, the appearance was once again that of a human being. Thus, we can see that what appears to be the most useless thing may be perfect exactly the way it is.”

By holding ourselves as imperfect beings, we can easily find fault with ourselves, make ourselves wrong and resort to blame and criticism. Isn’t there enough of that negativity in the world? Wouldn’t it be better to simply ask ourselves, “Is what I’m doing, working* or not?” If it isn’t working, then simply change what you need to. There’s no need to be negative or heap bad feelings on yourself. Let’s be gentle, kind and understanding of our humanness while always seeking standards of excellence.

*”definition of “working”: Is it giving you the results you are truly looking for and the experience you honestly want?

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