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You Are a Miracle of Life pic
“You are a miracle of life. If you went back to the beginning of time, you would never find another person just like you. If you were to go as far as possible into the distant future, you would never find another person just like you. You are a unique being on this planet and so is everyone you meet. It seems to me that is deserving of awe and respect.”

Martha Borst

My good friend, Bob Morley is a professor of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. At the end of every school year, he reads this quote from Bill Bryson to his students . . .

“Take a moment from time to time to remember you are alive. I know this sounds a trifle obvious, but it is amazing how little time we take to remark upon this singular and gratifying fact.

By the most astounding stroke of luck, an infinitesimal portion of all the matter in the universe came together to create you and for the tiniest moment in the great spirit of eternity, you have the incomparable privilege to exist.

For endless eons there was no you. Before you know it, you will cease to be again and in between, you have this wonderful opportunity to see and feel and think and do.

Whatever else you do with your life, nothing will remotely compare with the incredible accomplishment of having to manage getting yourself born. Congratulations. Well done. You really are special.”

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The Cold Within

  The Cold Within WoW picThe Cold Within

Six humans trapped by happenstance
In bleak and bitter cold.
Each one possessed a stick of wood
Or so the story’s told.

Their dying fire in need of logs
The first man held his back
For of the faces round the fire
He noticed one was black.

The next man looking ‘cross the way
Saw one not of his church
And couldn’t bring himself to give
The fire his stick of birch.

The third one sat in tattered clothes.
He gave his coat a hitch.
Why should his log be put to use
To warm the idle rich?

The rich man just sat back and thought
Of the wealth he had in store
And how to keep what he had earned
From the lazy shiftless poor.

The black man’s face bespoke revenge
As the fire passed from his sight.
For all he saw in his stick of wood
Was a chance to spite the white.

The last man of this forlorn group
Did nought except for gain.
Giving only to those who gave
Was how he played the game.

Their logs held tight in death’s still hands
Was proof of human sin.
They didn’t die from the cold without
They died from the cold within.

James P. Kinney

Thank you to my good friend Jeanette Burton for sharing this poem

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 “It is important that you get clear for yourself that your only access to impacting life is action. The world does not care what you intend, how committed you are, how you feel or what you think, and certainly it has no interest in what you want and don’t want. Take a look at life as it is lived and see for yourself that the world only moves for you when you act.”

Werner Erhard

Freedom WoW pic 1


It has been an incredible few weeks for justice and freedom for ALL. Our voices, our votes mattered!! Finally, after many long years of fear-driven prejudice, we reached a tipping point and took another step forward toward respecting not only the rights of our fellow man, but actually respecting our fellow man.

Finally, it has been acknowledged by the Supreme Court that all human beings have the right to marry whomever they choose. People who stood for human rights wouldn’t give up. All the petitions, letters and marches finally added up and our culture “tipped”.

Finally, a few churches have sanctioned gay/lesbian marriage (Episcopalian, Presbyterian and Unitarian.) Finally, the USA (Land of Equality?) joins 21 other countries in the world who have long before us recognized gays and lesbians as having the same equal rights as other humans!

Love won over fear.

Finally, the Confederate flag, a symbol of intolerance, separation and hate is being removed from flagpoles, stores and TV shows. Petition after petition signed by countless thousands, added up, and our culture “tipped”.

Sadly, so, so, so sadly, it took the tragic death of nineFreedom WoW pic 2 remarkable men and women to move us to speak up! It took the grace of their family members who forgave the murderer, to get us to look at ourselves and ask ourselves, “What do I stand for? If they can do that with such courage and dignity, certainly I can finally find the courage and commitment to make my own voice be heard.” And you did speak up and you were heard.

Love and grace won over hatred.

Finally, even Donald Trump, a narcissistic bully who spews hatred and denigrates others with despicable superiority, has been dumped by NBC, and Macy’s responded to a petition signed by over 700,000, and dumped his clothing line and ended all relations with him. It seems that a stand for human decency is on a roll! Maybe we’re starting to realize the power of our voices!

Decency won over derogatory disrespect.

And finally, we joined 11 other countries who have long ago embraced universal health care as a human right not a privilege.

Life won over money.

But we must realize nothing happens unless we the people DO something, use our voices, sign the petitions, write the letters, make the phone calls, vote and legislate change. We can’t just complain and expect something to change. We must drive it and direct it. We must participate. We must challenge ourselves, “What do I stand for? How much blood and hurt and suffering does it take for me to speak up? Do I know my limit? Is there one?”

The past weeks show what happens when enough people FINALLY speak up. If we are to truly be a nation that embraces equality, a nation that stands for everyone’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, then obviously, there are miles to go before we sleep.

There will be backlash to all of this. Eight Black churches have been burned over the last two weeks! We must keep speaking up if we want to keep moving forward. When South Carolina finally takes down the Confederate flag (it’s still up!) AND passes a stringent hate crime law (they don’t even have one), AND enforces it, and when tangible actions are taken for a broader campaign against racism and homophobia, then we know we are making progress.

And one more thing… I ask you, who are the true terrorists when there is still no legislation on guns even though 400,000 people have been killed by guns in this country since 9/11?

God only knows what it will take… if the slaughter of small, innocent little children in a Connecticut school wasn’t enough to prompt the people of that state where the massacre occurred, to demand a ruling on gun control…

But finally, we have made a start…


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