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not everyone will like us
Not Everyone Will Like Us

As much as it is a pleasant experience to be liked, the reality is not everyone will. Yet, how much time and energy do we waste sometimes, trying to get someone to like us? We adjust our personalities to suite others’ wants and needs, we laugh at things we don’t think are funny, we say what we think others want to hear, we are overly helpful to a fault and often at our own expense. When we come to depend on the approval of others and measure our self-worth by their judgments, we lose our way. We lose ourselves.
Like tends to attract like and usually if someone doesn’t like us, it’s because they aren’t like us. They operate with a different energy, have distinctly different opinions or perspectives and see the world through a much different filter. What is important to us, may not be for them and what makes sense to them, may seem ludicrous to us. This does not mean there is anything wrong with us or with them, it’s just that we are attracted to different things and people and no matter what we do, they may still not like us. We could stand on our head, twiddle our thumbs and spit nickels and they still would not be attracted to us.
The same is true in reverse. We also may not like everyone we meet. I’m sure we can all think of someone we just don’t “fit in” with, or someone who rubs us the wrong way, annoys and frustrates us. We find ourselves judging and criticizing them as we try to change them to our likeness, hoping they will be more like the person we know they “should” be. Likewise, when we allow our disapproval of them and the way they think and act affect us in negative ways, we lose our own way. We lose ourselves.
However, if we allow others to think as they do about us without taking it personally, then we give them freedom to be themselves and we reclaim it for ourselves as well. When we accept others as they are without making them wrong and accept the differences, then we, too, are set free to be who we are. Rather than try to shape ourselves into someone we aren’t or try to force someone to change to our liking, through acceptance we can each move along our life’s path free to be ourselves and free to attract those who do vibrate with the same energy. If we do this well, we will not only learn one of life’s greatest lessons, we will be a gift of love to all we meet.

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