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My heart aches and my body hurts as I think about the dear people who were victims of the horrifically tragic Orlando massacre. My most sincere sympathy goes out to their mourning families. I don’t have the words to express my sorrow and sadness for such a terrifying event so I won’t even try. We must all look within ourselves, seek our own truth and decide how to respond.

It was a hate crime if there ever was one and should we be surprised? For the past year, hate, anger and bigotry have been flooding the airwaves. Fueled by despicable degrading rhetoric, promoted by a media hungry for ratings, and supported by others who also hate, or by those who have an incredible ability to ignore, deny and justify the constant negativity, it has made an indelible impact on most all of us especially the mentally unstable.

The pain, destruction and separation this negative mindset creates, undermines the very moral fiber of our country. People become afraid and automatically resort to self-protection:

“Get the other guys before they get me. People who don’t look like I do are ‘different’ and therefore a threat. . . kill them, hurt them with words, reject them, undermine them, over power them through intimidation . . . I’m superior, I’m better, you’re less . . . my way or the highway and by all means . . . win at any cost . . .”

This is all driven by fear and when the human body perceives fear, it immediately responds in one of 4 ways, fight, flight, follow or freeze. Each of these is a stimulus-response reaction based in survival. None are based on enlightened thinking. None are based on the context of thriving. None involve conscious, evolved choice.

Now more than ever, our world and our communities need us to be clear about what we stand for as individuals and as citizens of this country. Now more than ever, we need to decide what America stands FOR, not what we’re AGAINST. We need to show the world who we are as a remarkable nation driven by principles not prejudice, human decency not hatred . . . a country grounded in a win/win attitude that seeks solutions grounded in a moral foundation of mutual respect, freedom and justice for all.

If we recognize our accountability for the condition of our world (and we are accountable whether we admit it or not) we must look at the choices we make in our own lives and ask ourselves, “When given the opportunity to make a positive difference, do I fight (resist it), flee (ignore it), follow (my voice doesn’t matter) or freeze (do nothing)? OR am I an active contributor to something positive, committed to influencing myself, my family and my community to step up to a bigger game of love, mutual respect, win/win, compassion and caring?”

Ask yourself. . .

“Do I engage in constructive conversations and choices that challenge conventional thinking or do I avoid rocking the boat and silently and unconsciously go along with the mediocre drift of humanity, wait for someone else to do it, and hope it all turns out OK? Do I take action on my values or do I just keep them more or less to myself?”

Please stay awake!! Please stay vigilant and alert! LOVE is a verb! It requires action. As a reader of the WoW, I expect that you ACTIVELY be a source for spreading good in the world, that you make your voice be heard. We have no room for apathy and irresponsibility. I expect you to be a part of a group that is ACTIVELY contributing to building community around you.

What can you do for the dear souls lost? How can you help them? You can DO SOMETHING positive. Don’t just think about it, talk about it or complain about the negativity. Don’t just wring your hands and say how sorry you are. Don’t just talk about the tragedy . . . DO SOMETHING to move us energetically forward as a society – not backward.

First of all, as Gandhi said, “BE the difference you want to see in the world.”  BE caring, considerate, respectful, thoughtful and forgiving, and then DO SOMETHING!

Make a difference in the life of a friend or family member . . . DO SOMETHING you would not normally do that will show them you love them. Write them a note or a poem of appreciation, give them the gift of your time and energy, help them out with something they need to have done. Go out of your way! For heaven’s sake, make an extra effort!

Volunteer for something in your community, find a common ground between your neighbors, create a block party, be generous with your support for ways that bring people together, visit an elderly person or someone who is sick or alone. Be a source of positive energy. Forgive someone whom you think has done you harm. Let it go and have compassion and understanding. It will cure what ails you!!

Fighting hate with hated does not work. Hate kills. Love heals. Only love and kindness can create a better world. This does NOT mean for you to be passive or to drift off into woo-woo land. To the contrary. When politicians and others spew lies and mock the way others look, or their disabilities, or their race, gender, sexual orientation or religion, or cast negative judgement on entire groups of people, SPEAK UP if it you find it offensive (and I certainly hope you do!).

Don’t ignore it! Don’t make excuses for it! Don’t tolerate one single second of it!! Live your values by taking ACTION!

Fight, flee, follow, freeze or put LOVE, MUTUAL RESPECT and HUMAN DECENCY into ACTION! Be an ACTIVE force for good on this planet. I expect absolutely nothing less of myself or of you.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

The choice is yours . . . and it always will be . . .

Thank you for all that you do.

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