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“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

Albert Einstein

 We live in a brick and mortar world. If you live in the country or have access to the outdoors where you work, you are indeed fortunate. But even then we allow ourselves to get caught up in the busyness of our lives going from house to car to work to the store and back home again, and we lose our connection with our Mother Earth.

We are all made up of energy and that energy is constantly vibrating. When we are aligned with Universal energy and the earth’s natural rhythms, we are at one with all that is and ever was. We know this is happening when we feel physically centered, our hearts are filled with gratitude and our spirits are at peace. As the process of life unfolds, we give and receive love unconditionally and we learn to trust that we will be served with abundant support.

This does not mean all we have to do is sit in a lounge chair and eat bon bons. We need to be actively involved in the activity of living life. Prince/Princess Charming isn’t going to come knocking on your door and neither will Job Charming, Money Charming or Life Charming. Those only appear when we participate with clear intention and commitment, maintain my energy flow, and trust the process as it unfolds, knowing it is an abundant world.

Much of this energy flow can only be found when we are in nature or contemplating nature. When you step outside your door each day, take just a couple of minutes to close your eyes and breathe in deeply.

If we listen and engage all of our senses, we realize we are surrounded by living things both larger and smaller. We then begin to comprehend that we are simply just one form of life on this planet connected to all other life.

Make time regularly to walk amongst the trees, breathe in their majesty and let them speak an ancient wisdom to the depths of your soul. Lie on the sweet smelling grass and solid ground, and feel the nurturing embrace of Mother Nature as she bears the weight of your body and know you are always supported.

Look up to the sky and let your worries disappear with the drifting clouds. Listen to the sound of water flowing over rocks and allow it to cleanse your mind. Hear the birds calling to one another with animation and activity and feel your spirit soar. Feel the heat of the sun soak into your body as it brings warmth to your heart and energy to your body. Allow a gentle breeze to touch your skin and brush away your fears.

On a clear night, look up at the vast phenomena of space and you can’t help but feel a different sense of self as you connect with the rhythm of the universe and feel yourself a part of the whole, at one with it all, a mystery still unfolding.

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