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“The principles work, but you have to work the principles.”

Ten years ago, I wrote my book, Your Survival Strategies Are Killing You! The Eight Principles You Must Follow to Succeed in Life and Work. It instantly became an international Best Seller, reaching #3 on the Amazon Best Seller list. (Two places under Harry Potter!)

The principles that create a successful context life are also what creates a successful context for business. The practical examples of how that is true are too many to mention, but I briefly summarized the principles here.


Principle #1: Honesty:

When I am genuine and honest, I create sincere and trusting partnerships.

When I seek the honest answer (even if it isn’t what I want to hear),

I deal with reality and will be best prepared to respond effectively.

Being honest means I must face my fears of rejection and disapproval.

But in the end, isn’t it I who must accept and approve of myself?

When no one is looking and no one knows and maybe never will…

Will I still do the honorable thing?

If I do, then I can stand tall and be at ease with myself.

I will be a person of good character

It’s just good for business.

Principle #2: Keep My Word:

“You can count on me. I give you my word.”

With these words, I step into a different space and will be tested.

I will be challenged to be creative, ask for help, delegate, stop procrastinating, say no, set priorities.

I will be required to face my fears, risk failure and make mistakes.

But aren’t these the very things I have avoided in the past?

And hasn’t it always limited me and held me back?

Keeping my word, no matter what, gives me the opportunity to grow, to achieve, to reach new heights and to succeed.

Keeping my word builds my self-esteem and self-confidence.

When I keep my word, I become a person of integrity;

Others trust me and I build lasting relationships.

It’s just good for business.


Principle #3: Acceptance:

Things are how they are.

I can wish, want and hope they were different,

But reality requires me to realize, “it is what it is”.

Acceptance does not mean giving up or giving in.

It simply means “going with”.

When I accept fully, I will stop fighting, resisting and complaining.

I will get on with finding a creative way to deal with the situation.

I will respond in a way that looks for solutions.

It’s just good for business.


Principle #4: Win/Win:

When I put the good of the team above my own ego…

When I support the success of the entire company above my own need to be right…

When I look for ways to serve what the customer wants…

When I let go of being a part of the problem and begin to look for solutions…

You win and so do I!

When I stand up for mutual respect and understanding…

When I maintain my own boundaries and create a healthy life balance…

When I confront difficult situations that may be hurting me…

When I make sure I don’t slight myself or neglect my wants and needs…

I win and so do you!

Everyone walks away feeling whole and happy.

It’s just good for business.


Principle #5: Courage and Commitment:

Courage and commitment do not come cheaply; the risks are great.

When I truly commit, I do so with the realization I may not be up to the task.

There is no guarantee I will succeed and there are bound to be obstacles and barriers along the way.

However, there comes a critical moment in the process when I realize I have a choice – to quit or courageously persevere.

It is at this moment I determine if I will win or lose.

If I am to become the very best I can possibly be, my choice is already made.

It’s just good for business.


Principle #6: Perception and Reality:

We do not always see eye-to-eye,

Yet which of us is right?

When I let go of my ego long enough to realize my reality is not “The Reality”…

When I am willing to let go of my position and step over to your side and see things from your perspective…

Then perhaps, you will be more willing to truly listen to mine.

Together we can find a solution and mend any differences…

If we are willing.

It’s just good for business


Principle # 7: Accountability:

When I take full ownership of my actions, reactions and results,

I begin to control my life

When I am a victim, life and outside circumstances control me.

However, when I choose personal power,

I realize every choice I have ever made led me to where I am right now.

I do not blame.

I take full personal responsibility for my results.

If that’s not good news, I can make a different choice and change it!


It’s just good for business.


Principle #8: Give and Receive with Genuine Caring

Balance. It is the secret to success throughout the Universe.

When I ask, “What can I give to you?” without worrying about what you’re going to do for me,

I am practicing genuine caring.

When I am also willing to gratefully receive support, suggestions and constructive feedback without pushing you away,

I am allowing you the opportunity to give and we are practicing genuine caring together.

Then we are in balance.

We are in alignment with the natural rhythm of the Universe.

It’s just good for business.

 REMEMBER: The principles work, but you have to work the principles.

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