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The principles work, but you have to work the principles.”


In my last WoW, I shared with you the business perspective of the principles contained in my international Best Selling book, Your Survival Strategies Are Killing You! The Eight Principles You Must Follow to Thrive in Life and Work. This week I have applied them to relationships.

As you read, think of someone you are in relationship with right now. Perhaps your spouse or partner, or your child, relative, neighbor, friend or colleague, and ask yourself, ” Am I doing all I can to make this a successful experience for us both?”


Principle #1: Honesty:

When I have an honest relationship with reality,

I can make more effective choices.

When I am honest with myself and with you,

I set myself free to be really me.

When I am real, authentic and true,

I make it easier for you to be true, too.

It’s just good for relationships

Principle #2: Keep My Word:

People keep invisible lists in their heads

Of those they can count on and those they can’t.

When I give my word and keep it,

I build a bridge of trust between us.

When I know I can count on myself to do what I say,

Then you will count on me, too.

I want my name to be on your integrity list.

It’s just good for relationships

Principle #3: Acceptance:

As I respect the laws of reality and accept situations and people as they are,

As I begin to trust that who I am is more than enough,

I let go of trying to change people.

I stop fighting against the current.

I begin to understand everyone and everything that enters my life is there to help me evolve.

And I accept and say, “Thank You!”

It’s just good for relationships


Principle #4: Win/Win:

When I am as committed to having you win as I am for myself to win,

When I am unwilling to have my needs met without yours being fulfilled as well,

When I take responsibility to respect my own wants and needs,

As much as I respect yours,

Then I am playing a really big game.

A game that honors myself and others…

And restores mutual respect and ultimately changes our world.

It’s just good for relationships


Principle #5: Courage and Commitment:

It takes courage to commit to something when I don’t know how it will turn out.

Yet, when I don’t commit with clear intention,

I am at the mercy of chance and luck.

I wish, I want, I hope, I try, but I am not empowered.

I must be conscious and clear about what I set my will to because

I will always receive the result that supports my commitment.

It never fails.

It’s just good for relationships


Principle # 6: Perception/Reality:

My perception is not The Reality.

My perception is only my view, my opinion, my belief, my reality.

I do not own the Capital-T truth. I only have my truth.

This does not make either of us right or wrong.

It merely means we see things differently.

With this understanding, we can work things out with mutual respect.

It’s just good for relationships


Principle # 7: Accountability:

No one can make me do anything I don’t choose to do.

Or make me feel anything I don’t choose to feel.

I can account for my connection to events as they occur.

My choices put me there.

I have an ability to respond to things as they occur.

I choose my response.

Every choice I have made in my life has led me to this very moment.

I own it all without judgment or blame because every step of the way, I have made the best choice I knew how to make in the moment.

So did you.

It’s just good for relationships


Principle #8: Give and Receive with Gratitude and Love:

Breathing is the most fundamental activity for life itself.

When I breathe in gratitude, abundance and joy,

When I breathe out generosity, forgiveness and understanding,

Love appears. It is as natural as breathing.

When I give and receive equally,

I begin to thrive with balance, health, wealth and happiness.

The plants give out an abundance of oxygen that sustains my life.

There is no scarcity. It is an abundant world.

When I breathe out, I do not give carbon dioxide to only certain plants,

I give with unconditional generosity.

There is plenty for everyone.

Abundance, unconditional giving and receiving…love.

My very life depends upon it.

And besides . . .

It’s just good for relationships


REMEMBER: The principles work, but you have to work the principles!


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Thank you!

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