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“Every now and then we are going to have to do this: Step back from the daily onslaughts of insanity emanating from Donald Trump’s parasitic presidency and remind ourselves of the obscenity of it all, registering its magnitude in its full, devastating truth. W
e must remind ourselves that Trump’s very presence in the White House defiles it and the institution of the presidency.”

Charles Blow

Is Donald Trump Mentally Ill?

I don’t like discussing him any more than you do, but the person I have declared myself to be in this world will not remain complacent and is compelled to be sure that others don’t either. Trump is not normal. His residency is not normal and we must not slip into a numb acceptance or be worn down into acceptance by his atrocities.

Our American presidency has been hijacked by a mentally ill man. He has a severe mental disorder and I don’t say that sarcastically. I am merely stating a reality, which I have been saying since he first ran for the Presidency.

Unless he undergoes intensive psychotherapy, he will never, ever change – never! We must stop expecting or hoping he will. We must stop being shocked by his outrageous behaviors. He is mentally unstable and is simply doing what mentally ill people do.

Anyone with any awareness of human behavior will tell you he is a classic narcissist, probably a psychopath and definitely a pathological liar. Our prisons are full of deviants just like him.

“It’s still surreal – horribly surreal – and we aren’t about to wake up.”
Deepak Chopra, M.D.

From the very beginning, countless numbers of highly respected world-renowned experts in the fields of medicine, psychiatry and human behavioral sciences (far more qualified than I) declared him to be completely unfit to be President of the Free World. It had/has nothing to do with politics. It has everything to do with the fact he does not possess the healthy personality traits, the patterns of stable thinking, perceiving, reacting, and relating – critical for someone with that much power.

You absolutely must read this and listen to this video (click on the link to open video in a new tab): In 2016, Harvard Medical School professor and two other professors of psychiatry addressed the question, “Is Trump Mentally Ill?”

He has no sense of human decency, is irrationally unpredictable, erratic, won’t listen, cannot be taught nor will he learn. He self-destructively brings negativity on himself, likely a result of his deep self-loathing, and he is rapidly losing control.

He has alienated our country from our Allies, Saudi Arabia mocked him with over 1,000 ft. high pictures of his face placed on the side of buildings, he denigrates NATO, pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord, and jumped in knee-deep with Putin and Russian KGB agents who played him like a puppet. Fortunately, our Senate was not as gullible and reinforced the sanctions 97-2.

He knows he’s in way over his head (and so does the rest of the world), yet he impulsively acts out, attacks others, and tweets without considering the consequences, a classic avoidance pattern when one doesn’t want to confront the truth . . . their own inadequacy.

He has 3 major antisocial personality disorders. His behaviors exhibit every aspect of a narcissist, psychopath and pathological liar and when these traits become so pronounced, rigid, and maladaptive that they impair work and/or interpersonal functioning, it is known as a psychological disorder. These social maladaptive behaviors are mental illnesses.

Mentally, Trump is not within a normal range of the balanced behavioral patterns critical for the leader of a democracy. A narcissist doesn’t have the moral character, personality traits or temperament necessary to work cooperatively with others, make well thought out decisions or accept the authority of other branches of government like the Judiciary and Congress. Nor can he tolerate the independence of the Free Press and Intelligence agencies.

Narcissists become dictators, megalomaniacs and murderers and they have little to no feeling of respect for others. They need to wield authority over everyone. Hence the frequent comparisons to Hitler who suffered the same disorders as Trump. Let me explain. . .

Trump is a Narcissist. A Narcissist exhibits the same characteristics as a Cult Leader. Joe Navarro, M.D., author of Dangerous Personalities (2014), identified some traits…(Get your pen out and start checking them off for Trump.)

Personality Traits of a Narcissist/Cult Leader:

  • He has a grandiose idea of who he is and what he can achieve.
  • He is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success or power
  • He demands blind, unquestioned obedience which he calls “loyalty”
  • Has a sense of entitlement – expects to be treated special at all times
  • Is arrogant and haughty in his behavior or attitude.
  • Has an exaggerated sense of power (entitlement) which allows him to bend rules and break laws.
  • Takes sexual advantage of members of his sect or cult
  • Is hypersensitive to how he is seen or perceived
  • Publicly devalues as being inferior, incapable or not worthy
  • Is frequently boastful of accomplishments
  • Needs to be the center of attention
  • Insists on having the best of everything
  • Doesn’t seem to listen well or care about the needs of others
  • Communication is usually one way in the form of him dictating
  • Anyone who criticizes or questions him is call an “enemy”
  • Has “magical” answers to solutions or problems
  • Is superficially charming
  • Habitually puts down others as inferior – only he is superior
  • Hates to be embarrassed or fail publicly – when he is, he acts out in rage
  • Doesn’t seem to feel guilty for anything he has done wrong, nor does he apologize for his actions
  • Will do anything to win especially at the cost of others losing
  • Believes he possesses the answers and solutions to world problems
  • Tries to control others in what they do, read, view and think

As a narcissist, he’s a win/lose player and will do anything to keep from losing – ridicule, attack, lie, demean, diminish, humiliate – a real “end justifies the means” kind of guy. Interacting with someone like him never ends well. If you don’t let him win, everyone will lose.

People in my line of work meet people like him frequently. They are destructive in business. They create chaos, rule by intimidation and manage by fear. Their people are cowed into obeying, in fear of losing their jobs.

They are dangerous in private. If their spouses won’t obey them, they abuse them mentally, emotionally and physically. The beatings become more frequent and in extreme cases, they may even kill them. They will not tolerate anyone, ANYONE who resists them. Classic Trump.

Trump is a psychopath. According to the Society for the Study of Psychopathy, psychopath traits include: (Get your pen out again) . . .

  • Lack of guilt/remorse
  • Grandiose sense of self
  • Callousness and a lack of empathy
  • Unwilling to accept responsibility for actions
  • Lack of deep emotional attachments
  • Narcissism
  • Superficial charm
  • Dishonesty
  • Cunning and manipulative
  • Pathological liar
  • Parasitic lifestyle
  • Reckless risk-taking without concern for others

Moreover, psychopaths frequently end up in the criminal justice system as they have no respect for any rule or regulation that doesn’t support their end game: to have everything their way. Both the narcissist and the psychopath are interested in one thing and one thing only: themselves.

They will win at any cost. If someone is hurt in the process, it doesn’t matter. They simply want their own way. They refuse to lose, be wrong, fail or admit to ever making a mistake. It is always someone else’s fault. Classic Trump.

Trump is a Pathological Liar. A plethora of examples show he is a pathological liar.

People with this psychological disease: (Keep that pen out) . . .

  • Tell stories that are usually dazzling or fantastical, but never breach the limits of plausibility, which is key to the pathological liar’s tactic. (i.e. building a wall between US and Mexico and claiming the Mexicans will pay for it.)
  • Tend to get very uncomfortable and angry, even at innocent questions about their stories. It is generally uncomfortable for them to tell the truth and more comfortable to lie. (Hence his extremely adversarial relationship with the Press)
  • Often contradict themselves and cannot keep their lies straight. They tend not to be concerned with concealing the inconsistencies. (Too many examples to mention and if you don’t know what they are, it’s too late for you)
  • Generally have no remorse about their lies or lying. They are not worried about getting caught lying. In fact, they may not even believe that they are lying. If they are aware of the lie, they are more concerned with the internal gratification of telling the lie than the threat of being found out.
  • Are wrapped up in a fantasy world they create for themselves.
  • Tell lies that present themselves favorably. The liar “decorates their own person “by telling stories that present them as the hero or the victim. For example, the person might present themselves as being fantastically brave, as knowing or being related to many famous people, or as having great power, position, or wealth. (Hence his claim to be the victim of the worst witch hunt in history and his claim to be more presidential than any other president since Lincoln! Sound familiar?)

Energy attracts like energy . . . Everyone around him, his family, his advisors and supporters are also twisted liars. They simply seem incapable of telling the truth.

Who IS responsible??

People keep hoping he will change. “Give him time” they say. But therein lies the problem. Trump is Trump and he a psychologically sick man. He is unstable, unpredictable, irrational and out-of-control and that’s not going to change no matter how much time he has or how many people he fires, hires and fires.

Yes, Trump is a huge problem in our country. Referencing my constant assertion that “Context creates Content”, he’s the contents we find inside the “box” where we all live, and like a cancer, we must rid him from our government. But just getting rid of him is not enough.

We must look at the context that generated, created and caused this monstrous energy to even enter our space in the first place. Remember:

No matter how hard you work on the wrong thing, it makes no difference.

Trump is simply a byproduct of a much bigger and more insidious problem, which I will discuss in my next WoW – Trump – Who’s Accountable? – Part II, but first, we must get him out before he destroys everything America stands for.


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