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“Watch your thoughts for they become words. Watch your words for they become actions. Watch your actions for they become…habits. Watch your habits, for they become your character.”

Margaret Thatcher


Our decisions in moments of great pressure and stressful situations truly express in great details about our actual personality. Look at the given image carefully and choose who you would help first. See what it has to say about you…just for fun!

  1. The Nurse

Laid back and casual by nature, your choice says that you are a positive and carefree person. The nurse needs the least amount of help in the image and so it suggests you saw her first.

You believe bad times are not permanent. You are quite jovial by nature.


  1. The Man with Crutches

This particular choice reveals your leadership skills. You noticed the hardship the man was going through in order to walk with a broken leg and so your instinct screamed at you to lend him support and comfort.

Practical and a leader from the very core, you are determined and sharp. Your decision to help him says a lot about your organized and strong personality.


  1. The Crying Baby

It is important to understand babies cry for multiple reasons and they do so to express their discomfort as they cannot explain their problems in any other way.

Your decision to help the crying child first shows you are an empathetic person who is caring and emotional. You are someone who has a protective and nurturing nature and feels the need to provide safety and comfort to all.

Your kind-heartedness and soft soul encourages you to reach out to anyone who is facing some kind of issues in life in order to help them. This however leads to you being manipulated and used for the benefits of others.

Your inert calm and peaceful aura and a deep sense of spirituality make people come to you to seek guidance, a helping hand or a listening ear. People believe that you can relieve them of their pains.

  1. The Old Lady

This choice of helping the old lady shows that you possess a very strong sense of morality and value system. Your ethics and priorities are straight. You are a traditional person who deeply cares about their culture, heritage and age-old values and teachings passed on from one generation to another.

You care deeply about the elderly and feel just how important they are to society and you don’t care about returns for your help as the act itself gives you joy, which definitely shows your altruistic side.

Found in: www.TruthInsideOfYou.com


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