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No Worries – He’s Not Your Son


For the past year, Laurene Powell Jobs, Founder and President of Emmerson Collective (and wife of the late Steve Jobs) has worked tirelessly to shed light on—and fight—this administration’s inhumane immigration agenda.

Lawyers have helped block some of the cruel practices at the border, nonprofit organizations have reunited thousands of families, and news organizations have done essential reporting on immigration.

There is no caring or empathy for the effect these severe, heartless, depraved actions are having on the people involved, after all, a little boy like the one above is not their son . . .

The raids began this past weekend, and I ask you to please take a moment to join me in advocating for justice for immigrant families. Share information with your communities, support organizations on the front line, call your Members of Congress —every action matters.

If the administration is only going after criminals as they claim, then they wouldn’t be announcing it ahead of time. They only make the announcement to terrify people and cause them anguish. This administration and all those who support their actions, endorse governing through fear and hatred and it is just plain wrong.

There are lawful ways to manage immigration constructively and humanely and I definitely support effective policies and a strategy for solutions.

Jamming people in cages (cattle cars?), denying them basic human needs and separating them from their children are appalling acts of injustice . . . all being carried out under the flag of the United States of America.

If this does not represent you and the America you stand for, then please, do your civic duty. Emmerson Collective has identified 4 ways you can help . . .

1  Show your support for the organizations, lawyers, advocates, and doers who are helping lead the fight.

Several groups listed below provide services such as legal representation and essential aid for immigrant families at the border and across the country:

2    Contact your Members of Congress.

    • Encourage your Senators to pass real solutions to the humanitarian crisis at the border, like the Central America Reform and Enforcement Act S. 1445.
    • Call on your Representatives to restrict funding to Border Patrol and ICE, which were responsible for family separation, the recent deaths of children in custody, and other abuses. Dial 1-877-790-7557 to be connected now.
    • Sign this petition calling on Congress to defund immigrant jails and family separation.

3    Stay on top of the latest immigration news with top-tier investigative journalism.

Visit The Atlantic, ProPublica, and The Center for Investigative Reporting for more information and to subscribe to their news alerts.

4 Volunteer legal services.

We The Action, a digital platform that makes it easy for lawyers to find and volunteer for critical, impactful, and urgent legal needs, has volunteer opportunities available to help parents and children who have been separated at the border. Lawyers can sign up to access projects here and nonprofits who need lawyers can sign up here.


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