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“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

Maya Angelou

Evolve or Remain

You are being presented with a choice:

Evolve or remain.


If you choose to remain, unchanged, you will be presented with the same challenges, the same routines, the same storms and the same situations until you learn from them, until you love yourself enough to say, “No more”, until you choose to change.


If you choose to evolve, you will connect with the strength within you, you will explore what lies outside your comfort zone, you will awaken to love, you will have everything you need. You will become.


You will be.

Choose to Evolve… Choose love.


 – Creig Crippen


Thank you to Jess Maria for sharing this powerful quote. Jess is a graduate of the Self Mastery courses: Basic, Advanced and Source Point Leadership.
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Classy, Sassy and a Little Bad-Assy

 I introduce you to a new business I am starting with two friends…

Radiant. Inspiring. Unstoppable.


It’s a company designed and run by women that provides opportunities for women to empower themselves with new skills, income revenue and the knowledge and confidence to participate in the growing movement to change the equation for women in the world.


It’s time – don’t you think?


We are just starting Phase I, which is to gain a presence and following on social media. Sometime in April—June period we will provide self-enrichment/empowerment trainings and then we will produce beauty/health products women can market, creating their own businesses to advance their lifestyles, independence and earning potential. My partners are brilliant in the field of marketing and product development and I’m pretty good at the trainings, so it feels like a winning formula!!


Please check us out on Facebook:


We are posting some great quotes, short articles and anything that promotes women in the world. Please “Like” whatever you think is good and please pass it on to ALL your Facebook Friends. Right now we are building a base, so your support is GREATLY appreciated. The more the better right now and your comments and suggestions are welcome. Or maybe you have some good posts to support women??

Please join the movement and send them to me: marthaborst1@gmail.com and I’ll share them with everyone.


I’m really excited about this venture as I believe it’s going to make a significant contribution in the lives of countless numbers of women.

etc., etc. etc.


Let me be clear…


Sassy Lass is not here to blame men, society, or anyone for these numbers. We are absolutely intentional about empowering women to take 100% accountability for the success of their own personal and professional lives.

Please support us:


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I know the solstice has passed, but I love this message!

This year coming up needs to be one of deep reflection…


Who am I?


What moral values do I stand for?


And what kind of country and world am I here to create?


Thank you to Marcela Pecanac for sharing this message above with us.

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