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Out of Control!


Last night you watched an obnoxious, spoiled little rich boy brat throwing a tantrum. He has never been told “NO”, never before told to “Shut up” and like every two-year old, he thinks the world revolves around him as he demands all the attention be on him.

No one stops him, not his hand-picked aides, not the Senate, nor the Justice Dept. and so he gets his own way and runs rough-shod over everyone. Rules don’t apply to him. As someone on Facebook said, Chris Wallace should have been replaced by any mother who has been in quarantine with her kids since March.


To cover up his pathological insecurity and inability to discuss issues intelligently, like all schoolyard bullies, he resorts to attack, humiliation, abuse and lies. Combine this with the unwavering support of the Republican Senate and Justice Department, he possesses a frightening, dangerous power to destroy.

Like a rabid, wild animal that is cornered, Trump lashed out in a desperate attempt to save himself. He knows he is losing and that means he will soon be an open target for some serious legal charges, which will very likely land him in prison. With over 200,000 dead in our country, he instead chose to focus his outraged utterances between the incendiary and an outright assault on the American political system, declaring the election, the most sacred act of a democracy, will be a fraud.

He refused to denounce White Supremacists and instead gave a recruiting rallying cry to “The Proud Boys”, a far-right neo-fascist male-only gang of vigilantes that promote and engage in political violence. When he told them to “Stand By” they cheered, loaded their guns and now await his next command.

Near the end of the debate, Trump implied ominously that the violence in American streets and the deep divisions in the nation were just a sample of what was to come after Election Day.


“This is not going to end well,” Trump vowed. “This is not going to end well.” The Proud Boys militia are listening. They are eager and ready…

He didn’t denounce White Supremacists because he is one.


If you support him and the Senate that enables and defends him, then by default….

So are YOU!

I just received the following from my good friend and a real patriot, Marsela Pecanac. Like so many of you who are supporting Biden by donating money and time making calls and sending out post cards, she has not stood idly by. She has taken 100% responsibility to do her part to save our vulnerable democracy.

As a survivor of the vicious Bosnian war, she knows only too well how quickly a group of rabid, prejudiced anarchists waving flags from their trucks, can take over a country. She wrote:

“Responding to the urgency of this moment requires every creative, persuasive and impactful piece of content we can generate and disseminate. Some of us are pooling resources and working with media experts to launch a social media campaign to distribute the video “Trump Is The Virus”, created by our friend Yuval Lion. We found this footage compelling and powerful.”

Click the link to watch this 1:15 video. It’s excellent.

Trump Is The Virus

As Michael Tomasky of The Daily Beast wrote, “The institutions of democracy are only as strong as the people who run them. Before Donald Trump, we tended to think that because these institutions have been around for so many years, they’re sturdy and stable and one man can’t destroy them in a mere four years.

But now we’ve learned no institution of democracy is inherently stable or strong. They’re only as strong as the people who are in charge of them. The special counsel’s office can be strong. But Robert Mueller decided, at the moment his nation needed him most, to be weak. Congress can be a strong check on presidential power. But Republicans have turned that to mush. The Department of Justice can also be a strong defender of democratic principle against an abusive president. But William Barr is a fascist.”

Never before have YOU had so much influence with the direction of our country than you have right NOW.

To preserve our democracy and to restore integrity to our leadership, we must remove Trump and the Republican Senate.

Your VOTE matters!!


For all the information you need,

go to: www.Vote.org.


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Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live

Our country can’t afford another 4 years of Trump… another 4 years of Mitch McConnell’s Republican Senate majority… another 4 years of national policies fueled by white nationalist hate…
We can’t afford another 4 years of the Far Right’s attacks on our democracy… of their aggressive efforts to hijack our federal judiciary… of their war on the American Way and on truth itself.
My impression of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live gets laughs, but there’s nothing funny about what he and his allies are doing to our country. Trump, his enablers in Congress, and the dangerous, racist, right-wing movement that he’s helped to catalyze, threatens our core ideals and the fundamental rights of so many.”

Alec Baldwin

My friends, I am not an alarmist when I say the groundwork of fascism is being laid. The situation is urgent. Any student of human behavior will tell you the President of the USA is a malignant narcissistic sociopath and a pathological liar. He has mental disorders.

There is nothing a power hungry, ego-centric personality like his would like more than to be the Commander in Chief of another World War. It is the maniacal dream of every narcissist to be the ultimate ruler of the world. Whether he actually attempts this or not remains to be seen, but I promise you he dreams of it.

Every decision and action he takes is totally and solely centered on himself and his own personal gain and aggrandisement. He cares nothing about you. If you think he does, you have fallen for his con. Because of the immense power he has as President of the USA, he’s the most dangerous, authoritarian win/lose player we have ever had as the leader of our democratic government.

  • His irresponsible avoidance of the Covid-19 pandemic and his lack of leadership to prepare a plan to meet the virus with appropriate testing, tracking and equipment has resulted in the worst record of cases and deaths of any country in the entire world. We now have over 200,000 DEAD!! That’s the same as a 9-11 catastrophe every day for 66 days straight. Predictions have us @ 300,000 by the end of the year all because he is denying science and doing nothing.
  • His lies were designed to purposefully deceive the American public when he knew full well of the acute danger…
  • His total disregard for the health, well-being and safety of others for his own benefit, (originally calling the virus a “hoax” drummed up by Democrats, violating state mandates to have rallies to pump up is ego, encouraging schools and colleges and sports to ignore the hazards, disregarding masks as unnecessary) cumulatively have caused tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths…some estimates say 100,000 DEATHS could have been averted.
  • His brutal bullying, racist denigration of Muslims, women, Mexicans, Blacks, disabled, etc.
  • His misogyny and total disregard for women (except for when he wants to “grab them by the pussy” – his words not mine)
  • His attacks on the free press…and supporting Fox propaganda…
  • Calling members of our military “suckers” and “losers”…
  • His total denial of climate change as the world burns and increasing number of hurricanes tear apart entire communities…
  • His pulling out of the Paris Accord, WHO and NATO has alienated our allies…
  • His politicizing and control over our justice system (which is one of the first steps of a dictator), followed closely by…
  • His misuse of our military against U.S citizens and teargassing peaceful protesters so he could have a photo op holding a Bible upside down…
  • His attempts to undermine and control our most fundamental institutions and agencies designed to protect our democracy and our safety; the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security. Health and Human Services and the Center for Disease Control…
  • His appointing a Postmaster General (multi-millionaire with NO experience) right before the election and mail-in voting, who has purposefully fired key personnel, removed sorting machines and letter boxes to slow down the mail…
  • His admiration for other world dictators and his protection and support for Putin.
  • His unsubstantiated, libelous accusations and vicious vindictiveness, firings and public humiliations towards anyone who doesn’t obey him or agree with him, make him the most unethical, immoral, deceitful, dangerous man ever to sit in the White House. Drain the Swamp? He and his cronies ARE the swamp.
Do you realize in his first term:
  • Seven of his hand-picked advisors have been criminally charged and jailed for their unlawful ties to Russia and for lying to our FBI and
  • Many, many others are currently under indictment!
I am not a stupid person. I have spent my entire professional career studying human behavior and mark my words…
We are watching democracy disappear and a dictatorship being formed before our very eyes.
If he wins in November, many years from now, people will be saying,

“Why couldn’t people see what an evil person he was?”

I’m wondering the same thing right now…


Instead of holding him accountable and censuring him for running roughshod over our democracy, equal rights and justice, they have defended and protected him. They are seriously derelict in their #1 duty: to protect the American people and the safety of our country.

If we don’t take committed action, Trump and the Republicans in Congress will roll back a century of progress, deny the fundamental rights guaranteed to all by our Constitution, and transfer every last ounce of wealth and power to themselves, their cronies and corporations that already control most of it (at the expense of everyone else).

The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer, the middle class will disappear and our freedoms will be gone. He has surrounded himself with others just like him. Those with any kind of moral code left long ago.


If you think I am being extreme right now, then you have been had! You have been conned my friend. He’s got you right where he wants you and you can’t see it.
However, if you realize the dire threat to our country and can see what I and the majority of millions of Americans can see (including people throughout the world) then here’s what you can do:


  • Keep the pressure on. Show up and speak up. IT WORKS! Our constant and consistent participation is the key.
  • Actively respond to the current attacks on our freedoms and civil liberties.
  • Participate in local politics. Get involved, Form or join a local group to take action in your town and act nationally when needed, which is NOW!
  • Become a poll worker
  • Help get out the vote. Call all your friends and urge them to vote.
Never for one second, forget:
America is YOUR country and the President and members of Congress WORK FOR YOU!!! Tell them what you think with your vote.
The only reason we’re in this truly dangerous place right now is because too many people took our democracy for granted. We became complacent and have believed that somehow, we are different and fascism could never happen here. Yet, it is in the process of forming right now as we speak.
If you are reading this, you are needed to save this country from tyranny.
You matter.
Your vote COUNTS and I urge you to…


For all the information you need, go to:





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Ruth Bader Ginsberg

American Hero  1933 – 2020


Equality and Justice for All. Period.

“Today we stand in mourning of an American hero, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. This was a mother, a grandmother and as we all know, had one of the most extraordinary life partnerships with her husband, Marty. To be born into a world that does not see you, that does not believe in your potential, that does not give you a path for opportunity or a clear path for education and despite this, to be able to see beyond the world you are in, to imagine some things can be different, that is the job of a prophet. And it is a rare prophet that not only imagines a new world, but also makes that new world a reality in her lifetime.

This was the brilliance and wisdom of Justice Ginsberg…and I quote her,

‘Think back to 1787. Who were We the People? They certainly weren’t women, they certainly weren’t people held in human bondage. The genius of our Constitution is now, over more than 200 sometimes turbulent years, we have expanded and expanded.’…

Nothing could stop Justice Ginsberg’s unflagging devotion to this cause, not even cancer.

Justice Ginsberg, we promise to carry forward your legacy. May you rest…knowing you have tirelessly served us and this great country of the United States of America.

Exhaulted, compassionate God, grant infinite rest in your sheltering presence among the holy and the pure to the soul of Ruth Bader Ginsberg who has gone to her eternal home…May she rest in peace…Amen.”


Eulogy delivered by Rabbi Holtzblatt





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