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WoW: Stand Beside

Stand Beside Her

If you want to live in a country that supports:

  • Equal rights and equal justice for all Americans regardless of race, religion or gender identity
  • Women having control over their own bodies and not the government, someone else’s religious beliefs or sexual predators (Kavanaugh hearing)
  • Healthcare for all people, with coverage for pre-existing conditions like all other civilized countries in this world
  • Common sense gun laws
  • Voting rights
  • Civil rights
  • Separation of church and state
  • Responsible news reporting that reveals and condemns the outrageous conspiracies proliferated by Fox News propaganda
  • Keeping politics out of our Justice system, Homeland Security, the CDC and our US postal system
  • A balance of power within and between the three branches of government
  • A Supreme Court that reflects the American people
  • Saving relations with our allies, rebuilding trust and rescuing our severely damaged image throughout the world
  • Not pandering to, and admiring the fiercest dictators in the world whose main intent is to destroy us
  • Stopping Russia’s sophisticated ability to infiltrate our elections to support Trump and undermine Biden
  • Supporting the integrity of our FBI, CIA and protecting our country from adversaries who are intent on infiltrating and weakening our security
  • Respect for science when responding to Climate Change
  • A President and Senate that tells the TRUTH to the American people
  • Leadership that stands for and supports the needs of the American people above their own self-aggrandizement, need for power over others, greed and financial gain.
  • A peaceful transfer of power and respect for the voter’s choice
  • DEMOCRACY not tyranny

Then we MUST get rid of Trump and we MUST Flip the Senate – because those currently in office, have not stood up for ANY of these standards, NOT ONE.

This is a serious election my friends, like none other in our lifetime.

It is very, very IMPORTANT because our democracy is at stake.  As I speak, a dictatorship is being formed before our eyes. The Senate Republicans are spending $20M plus another $100M on reserve, taking specific actions to limit voting. Postal boxes are being dismantled and systems are in place to slow down the mail, Trump is threatening to throw out ballots and promises chaos in the streets. He refuses to commit to a peaceful transfer of power and the Republican Senate not only supports him, but they defend him.

Never in our history have we come so close to losing our democracy. The stewardship of freedom is literally in our hands. It’s our turn now to…

“Stand beside her, and guide her, through the night with a light from above.”


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