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WoW: Let’s Roll!!

Four years ago, I warned that Trump could win and many did very little to stop him. This year, nearly everyone I know is out doing whatever they can to support the Biden/Harris ticket and to flip the gang of Senators who have actively supported, defended and endorsed Trump’s lies, inept handling of the virus, refusal to wear a mask, “private talks” with his buddy Putin, racism, verbal assaults, demeaning women, denial of climate change, alienating our allies, etc. with no consequences whatsoever.

I just heard on the news, Federal agents just thwarted a plot to violently overthrow the government as well as kidnap and murder Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer—a conspiracy that included visits to her summer home in northern Michigan and training with firearms and explosive devices.

The plot resulted in the arrest of thirteen domestic militia terrorists unhappy with Whitmer’s coronavirus restrictions (especially on GMS) calling her a “tyrant.” They are known as the Wolverine Watchmen, one of the White Supremacists hate groups whom Trump refused to condemn during his debate. Instead, he covertly instigated them to action with his call to arms to “Stand back and stand by”.

Words matter and the terrorists listened. Instead of supporting the Governor and her safety, or even inquiring about her well-being, Trump, the President of the United States, just reinforced the terrorists’ rallying cry and condemned her calling her the “Lock-Up Queen”!

Today, he called Kamala Harris a communist and a monster, and he’s outraged that William Barr has not yet taken action to arrest Biden and Obama for Trump’s claim that they were spying on his 2016 campaign and he just lashed out at Pompeo for not releasing more of Hillary’s emails…. His furious retort to them all was, “I won’t forget this!”

Then he called for more rallies, only days after being infected with the Corona virus and declared himself a “remarkable physical specimen… and very young,” claiming it’s easy…“when you get it, you get better.”

Totally ignoring the 210,000 Americans who have died.

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up!!

Be prepared folks, I promise you, it’s going to get worse before it gets better. The closer we get to the election, the more desperate and dangerous he will become and the more Trump supporters will do to delay, stop and interfere with voting.

They must be stopped.

Don’t let them intimidate you!

Don’t be afraid. Be determined!

It’s time for ALL HANDS ON DECK, folks! We must stop this madness.

My good friend Mark Lange sent me the information below and I ask you to help, too. If you’re already helping, that’s wonderful, I’m so proud of you and please do this, too. Make no mistake about it, this is a sprint to the finish, which is only 25 days away!

Mark wrote:

“Since it’s all about getting out the vote at this point, I’m hoping you’ll forgive this impersonal medium to make a personal appeal.

However-much you’ve already done or given, you can multiply the power of your own vote by making a little time for some direct outreach to registered, but infrequent, Democratic voters. You can also help new voters register and vote early in states (like PA and AZ) where that’s still possible. 

Nothing is more effective or important now.

Here’s a great place to start on virtual phone banking—an orientation session for “new and reluctant callers” (which I was — it’s more fun than I imagined!). They’ll send you emails offering sessions in the key states…

… and here’s another source to get signed up for a little phone banking:

You can also send texts to get out the vote — it’s easy:


Finally, my friend Dave Margulius, has a terrific menu of ways to win in the home stretch here, including working and monitoring the polls:

Nothing is better for taking the stress and uncertainty out of a toxic situation than taking a small, specific action to fix it. 

If you’re already doing direct outreach, good on ya! 

If not yet, this is one way to make sure you have no regrets on November 4.

And/or… please forward this to a friend who might make time. It is definitely not too late.

They’re not stopping and neither can we!



For more information go to:


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WoW: Disloyal


Just a few gems from Michael Cohen’s book, Disloyal: The True Story Of The Former Personal Attorney To President Donald J. Trump.

“What does Trump most admire or worship? The answer is money. Now, ask yourself, who is the richest man in the world? Putin is the richest man in the word by a multiple…

Trump loves Putin because the Russian had the balls to take over an entire nation and run it like it was his personal company—like the Trump Organization, in fact. In Russia, no one questioned or doubted Putin, just as no one called out Trump on the 26th floor of Trump Tower.

Putin’s ability to bring the press to heel, the media’s throat under his jackboot, was also an attraction to Trump, not a bad thing. The same was true for the banks and Russia’s industrial complex; an entire society and civilization bent to the will of a single man was how Trump viewed the ideal historical form of government—with him as the man in charge… Locking up your political enemies, criminalizing dissent, or terrifying or bankrupting the free press through libel lawsuits…

I honestly believe the most extreme ideas about power and its uses only really took shape as he began to seriously contemplate the implications of taking power and how he could leverage it to the absolute maximum level possible…

Trump didn’t run for office with a coherent ideology… but as he got further and further into the process of becoming a politician, the implications began to emerge for him. One thing that was definitely true about Trump was that he was constantly calculating and assessing how to take maximum advantage of every situation…

Putin is worth more than a trillion dollars…Trump secretly wanted Putin’s kind of power for himself, which is part of why I’m convinced he won’t leave office voluntarily…To Trump, Putin was like the Saudi royal family, or Kim Jong-un in North Korea: the incarnation of dynastic wealth and the real ruling class of the planet. Everyone other than the ruling class on the earth was like an ant, to his way of thinking, their lives meaningless and always subject to the whims of the true rulers of the world…

The cosmic joke was that Trump convinced a vast swathe of working-class white folks in the Midwest that he cared about their well-being. The truth is he couldn’t care less…To Trump, his voters are his audience, his chumps, his patsies…Trump is a con man.

There is a serious danger that Donald Trump will not leave office easily, and there is a real chance of not having a peaceful transition. When he jokes about running again in 2024 and gets a crowd of thousands to chant ‘Trump 2024,’ he’s not joking. Trump never jokes.”

You now have all the information you need to decide for yourself in November.

Thank you to my dear friend Tina Benson for sharing this with us.


For all the information you need,

Go to www.Vote.org 

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